The world of ergonomics is about to be taken to the next level. By us. If you happen to be in the ergonomics business, we suggest you hear us out.
We promise, we’re going to make it you worth your while.

Who we are
AXS was founded by a group of Hungarian entrepreneurs and innovators at the end of 2014. We achieved some ground breaking innovations in the field of digital ergonomics and data analysis.

What we offer

Studies have shown that working in an industrial environment for a prolonged period of time can be extremely deteriorating for one’s health. Ergonomics is supposed to deal with these hazards, prevent accidents, diminish or even eliminate health risks so that the workers gain a couple more pain free, healthy years, and the employers gain long time, comitted and efficient employees.
It’s what you would call a win-win.
However, for decades now, the field of ergonomics has not been able to solve a couple of it’s handicaps. No means for real time precise measurement, accessibility always has been restricted, certain positions and places were invisible for the naked human eye etc. These factors contributed greatly for a bunch of false or, to say the very least, inaccurate data which then served as a basis for an equally flawed analysis.
So, we thought it’s high time the age of this inaccuracy had come to an end.

Why the AXS approach ground breaking and unique?

  • It’s a portable, digital system which - thanks to the seamless and efficient inegration of hardware and software - is unrivalled in stability and variability.
  • The hardware developed by our team is not dependent on any sort of magnetic field (no, not even the Earth’s) which makes it ideal for using it near extremely large machinery or, for that matter, in very high security level facilites.
  • The hardware is capable of measuring real time pressure as well – also not a thing that you see in your friendly neighbourhood ergonomists’ box of tricks.
  • Our integrated system is capable of measuring parameters that were off limits just until now. Therefore analyzing more useful data then ever before.

Why you should be interested in the AXS Integrated Digital Ergonomics system

Our product is of great value for everyone int he field of work safety, ergonomics etc. Anyone who would like to profit from efficient, healthy and loyal workforce, committed employees. We are almost certain that due to it’s unparalelled universal approach, precision and efficacy, our innovation will become the new golden standard in the field of prevention and labour safety.

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